Alexis Scott

Alexis is happily married to her husband, Andrew, and together they share 5 sons. Born in Minnesota, Alexis followed her husband to Manhattan, NY, before returning to Fargo. A proud Latina, she believes in utilizing multi-cultural experiences to inspire other minority women to be active in their community. Alexis believes strongly in public service and living passionately through serving others. After her 3rd son, Max, passed away at 22 weeks (2014) life has never been the same, but sharing her story has helped cope with grief and honor his place in their family. Aside from writing, Alexis enjoys traveling, laughing, dancing and food. She will never turn down Starbucks, a trip to the nail salon, or the farmers market. Follow her in pictures through Instagram and connect with her online via Facebook.
crunchy mom

5 “Crunchy Mom” Choices I Didn’t Expect to Make

Motherhood will change you. One day you are deciding which brunch spot to hit up for bottomless mimosas, the next you are hyperventilating over what size flanges you need for your breastpump. Everyone comes...
boy mom

Boys Cry, Too: My Mission to Raise Helpful, Capable, & Supportive Sons

Five boys. My husband and I grossly underestimated the commitment level of parenting when we decided to have five children, especially all boys.  Many days, our home is filled with wrestling matches, verbal arguments that...
United Way of Cass Clay

Home for Good: United Way of Cass-Clay Spotlight

According to the FM Coalition to End Homelessness, on any given night in the F-M community more than 1,075 individuals experience homelessness. When safe and stable housing is found, these individuals often move in...
Sorry, Not Sorry Fargo Mom

How I Stopped Saying “I’m Sorry” and Felt Better For It

There's a lot of phrases that we repeat as mothers. But there's one phrase I want to challenge you to say less: I'm sorry. It may seem small, but did you know that saying this...
Gift of Giving in FM

The Gift of Giving: Unique Ways to Create Positive Impact in Fargo-Moorhead

2020 is here! This is an opportunity to reflect and review your goals and desires for the year ahead. With no ill intent, these goals often center around personal achievement, career growth, and health...
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