Appreciating the Slowness of the Holidays This Year

The holiday season is here! That usually means the start of a super busy schedule. We would normally start stressing about multiple holiday parties, family gatherings, shopping in busy stores, and making sure our home is decorated perfectly. However, this holiday season will most likely look different and be a lot slower than those in the past. 

Learning to Enjoy the Slower Pace

I love the busy holiday season. Actually, I just love being busy! I enjoy having a variety of  activities going on and needing to be in numerous places each week. I feel more productive when I’m busy, and I don’t like when things slow down. With that being said, I have found the new slower pace of life we are experiencing with the COVID-19 pandemic has been a blessing in disguise. And I’m hoping to bring this mindset into the holiday season. 

Now that I have experienced what a slow-down in life is like, I’m thinking of the positives of having a less frantic holiday season. All of the usual hustle and bustle can cause a great deal of stress. However, this year you might actually be able to take the time to sit down and truly take it all in.


Take a few minutes and think back to some of your past holidays. Were you truly happy? Did you take any time to be present and actually enjoy it and be in the moment? Or, did you find yourself always thinking a few days (or even weeks) ahead? More than likely you were constantly worried and stressed about getting everything done and where you needed to be next. Although we may love the holidays, I think many of us can say it comes with increased anxiety, leading to less enjoyment of our time with friends and family. 

There is no better time than this current holiday season to allow yourself to slow down and take it all in. You can be more present. There’s no need to be constantly thinking ahead to the next big holiday event, because there may not be any this year. You won’t need to constantly stress over your usual mile-long holiday to-do lists. There may be fewer trips to the busy malls or stores (or, use the quicker drive-up option). There will be more time to relax and actually enjoy the moment.

Look at your own kids; children are a prime example on living in the moment. Do you think they will notice that there is less going on this holiday? Most likely not, and chances are they will be just as excited as usual! 

Make Memories

You can also use this upcoming slower holiday season as an opportunity to build new family traditions and memories. You can spend your now quiet evenings at home watching different holiday movies; have a different member of your household pick one out each weekend. Bake cookies and let your kids decorate them because you actually have the time, and with no upcoming guests, you won’t have to worry about the mess they will make! Go outside and go sledding or build a snowman. Find a way to give back as a family. Teach your kids how to wrap gifts they will give to others. With more time comes more fun! 

Yes, I will be a little sad that there won’t be as much to do this holiday season as there has been in the past. However, experiencing a slower holiday season will help me appreciate the meaning of the holidays even more.

I’m looking forward to being more present this year, and to have the time to see the sparkle in my children’s eyes as they experience the magic of the season. I’m excited to spend more time with my family and being able to focus on what really matters. The joys of love, giving, and family.

Time to Connect

I hope you can also see the positive in the unusual slowness of this year’s holidays. There will be more time. More time for family and more time to be truly present. You will be able to connect and enjoy each moment. These slower times will allow your family to build memories that will last a lifetime.

If you’re a busy body like me, don’t worry, those times will eventually return. We will return to our crazy, hectic, all over the place and always planning selves. But hopefully, these slower times will teach us how important it is to truly be in the moment, no matter what is going on, and allow us to see that spending time with those we love is what matters most. 

Looking for fun things to do at home or around Fargo this holiday season? Check out our Ultimate Guide to the Holidays!


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Dr. Jill is a mom, wife, and women's health physical therapist. She married Ryan in 2010 and they have 2 children, Easton (2013) and Molly (2015). Their family enjoys being active by participating in various activities, being outside, and going to the lake in the summer. Jill has been a physical therapist for 10 years. She is a Women's Health Certified Specialist and has earned a Certificate of Achievement in Pelvic Health Physical Therapy. She is also certified in pelvic floor dry needling. She practices at Apex Physical Therapy and Wellness in West Fargo. She loves her work and greatly enjoys advocating for the health of women! Jill feels very lucky to be able to work part-time, which makes for a very busy clinic schedule but also a lot of good time at home with her family. Give her a follow on Instagram.


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