A Different Kind of Pregnancy Brain: COVID-19 on the Mind


This has certainly been a different pregnancy. I’ve had so many ups and downs, thoughts, feelings, stresses, and worries throughout this pandemic. I know each person has their own thoughts about how COVID-19 is being handled, but as a pregnant mom we are having a whole different experience right now. We have so many questions. 

I am 34 weeks pregnant with a 3.5 and 7-year-old. As I sit here writing this, I am sweating (despite wearing shorts and a tank top with the windows open), my kitchen is an absolute mess, and there’s a load of laundry in the wash with another load on its third dry cycle. As usual, my coffee is cold, and my head is pounding just thinking of it all.

Pregnant moms have so much on our mind. 

If you are still working out of the house, this presents another level of worry. My husband and I are both considered ESSENTIAL and we are working out a schedule to keep us both working with all the kids at home. I work Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. He works Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday. When that third day in a row hits, I am a mess.

While I am happy that we are both able to continue to work and provide for our family, I also have some worry. Yes, the virus at hand is a real thing and we know it affects each person differently, but we honestly have no idea how it could effect the pregnancy or our children, considering we are both in contact with people at this time. My worry is more for the baby and the unknown. My fear is from what will happen when it’s time to deliver. 

Do I still get to have my husband there? What do we do with our kids? Who can watch them while everyone is in isolation? What if something goes out of order from our birth plan? What will the stress be like at the hospital? Will everyone be in hazmat suites and not be able to touch or comfort me or baby? It’s all too much to think about sometimes. Feel free to take a mental break already, I know I need to…

Pregnancy Thoughts

The closer to baby we get, the more thoughts that pop into my head. Many of these are all normal and should be there, but the changing times have brought other thoughts along the way. 

How are my next appointments going to go? 

I found out I have to go to my 36-week appointment alone, but the good news is my husband can still be in the delivery room (as of now).

I need a breast pump!

Can I just go to the health care accessories store, or even Target or Wal-Mart? Do I need a prescription? What if they don’t have the pump I want/need or the parts during this craze?

Who watches our other 2 children during delivery?

Do we ask family that has their own kids and a baby on the way? Grandparents who live in Minnesota (shelter-in-place) and are immune-compromised? Other grandparents who have to travel all the way from Wisconsin? Our friends? 

How will we add a third child to the family right now?

We have no daycare or school and are isolated with no help. How will we manage? How will we have time to do it all with each of us working? Will we drive each other crazy from social isolation?

But then I remember the most important part: we will have a brand new baby to love dearly. Despite the frustrations of the time, we will have love and joy and each other. This baby will bring us together even more, and will remind us all of the power of togetherness. 

Relax: Easier Said Than Done

I’ve tried to preoccupy my mind. I have been trying to read the same book now for a month, if that gives you any indication how I’m able to spend free time. I have that book in hardcover, WHILE I listen to the audible version! Yep, still not done with it. Walking and getting outside has been great with the boys, but the ups and downs of our Spring weather can sometimes put a damper on that, especially in an apartment. We don’t always have an easy way to get outside and have a safe place of our own to play while in isolation. How about a BATH! Yep, I take a lot of those, but the tub includes me, our unborn child, and my 3.5 year old all at once. So relaxing. 

I know it’s hard, but as pregnant moms we need to find time to take care of ourselves as much as possible. Do something for you when the kids are playing. Take care of yourself after bedtime, whatever that looks like. Prioritize you, and do you best to keep the scary thoughts at bay. 

We’re All in This Together

We are IN THIS TOGETHER, even if we are far apart. Each family, father, mother, soon-to be-mom, and children have different thoughts, different perspectives, and different emotions related to this time. We are each entitled to those thoughts, but it is certain that the actions we take will be our driving force. Stay well and be safe. I am here for each one of you and certainly reach out to me as your days get closer to delivery! 

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Dr. Victoria was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI and fell in love with a Minnesota boy, Christopher. They recently married in the summer of 2019 and they have two wonderful boys, Nicholas (2013) and Theodore (2016) and baby girl Josette showed up May 2020. Victoria has worked as a Chiropractor for nearly 10 years now and she has opened up the first and only unlimited, membership-based Chiropractic clinic in the Fargo-Moorhead area in 2019. She is ecstatic to help those search out, reach, and maintain their health and wellness goals. In her spare time she mentors with Biogirls, a local nonprofit that encourages and builds confidence and healthy self-esteem in young girls. She is also working towards a Nutritional Diplomate in Chiropractic to better serve her community in health. Outside of these ventures, she spends time with her family camping, taking in the local parks, and dates with her husband usually involve fishing. Follow her on her website Victory Chiropractic & Wellness, Instagram, Facebook, or her blog to follow along on her journey in helping people maintain health and wellness.


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