5 Holistic Techniques to Flip a Breech Baby

breech baby

For most of my pregnancy, my little one has been in breech position. Despite my best efforts, my baby was still in the breech position at my growth scan last week.

Oh, those breech babies. Pesky little things.

Since I’m 34 weeks, I still have a little time to try some different techniques to encourage my baby to move into a head-down position and I have been trying all the things I have learned from professionals. I have yet to see if they will work, but I wanted to share the information with you in case you have a pesky breech baby, too!

Note: Please consult with an experienced professional, such as a midwife or doctor, who knows your situation before trying these techniques. 

Moxibustion and Acupuncture

These are methods of Chinese Medicine. As you can see in the photos, you have acupuncture needles in your forehead, wrists and pinky toes. The herb Moxa (Mugwart) is burned close to the pinky toe on both feet. The pinky toe is an acupuncture point known to stimulate the flow of “chi energy” and blood throughout the body. Moxa is thought to encourage relaxation of the uterus by warming up the channels in your body, encouraging baby to turn and move head down. It also promotes good circulation, health and balance. For a local provider, check out Aspen Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine in Moorhead.

Chiropractic Care

Webster Technique is a specific sacral adjustment used to help promote pelvic alignment and balance in the nervous system. This adjustment creates balance in your pelvis to allow for a breech-positioned baby to flip for optimal birth positioning. It realigns the sacrum, which releases the pull and tension in your uterus. The adjustments are comfortable, safe and feel great when the pressure is released throughout the body. By week 37, Webster Technique needs to be the primary focus before running out of time. A lot of it depends on the individual’s hormone load, lifestyle, past injuries, and overall bone structure. When I found out baby was still breech at week 34, we switched strictly to the Webster Technique, focusing on the balance and alignment in my pelvis and hips. For a local provider, check out Health Source North Fargo. 

Forward Leaning Inversion

This creates space in the lower uterus for the baby to move into with the help of gravity. It only takes 30 seconds, one time daily. It helps to do it when your baby is super active, giving baby that space to move around. Make sure to listen to your body and consult your doctor if you aren’t sure if it’s right for you. Spinning Babies is a great resource for more information on Forward Leaning Inversion.


This form of treatment reopens the chakras and re-balances the flow of energy throughout the body. It releases anything from the body that doesn’t serve you. As a Reiki Master, I use Reiki during pregnancy to connect and talk to my baby about moving head down.

Pre-Natal Massage

Getting a massage reduces stress, anxiety and promotes baby to move head down from the breech position. Massages also help balance hormones, reduce stress, open the hips and promote good circulation throughout the body during pregnancy.

So if you are pregnant and find out baby is in breech position, try these 5 holistic techniques to get your breech positioned baby to flip head down. I encourage you to explore all of these techniques throughout your entire pregnancy! You will love them!

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Randi is the owner of Lamoureux Hockey Detroit Lakes and Randi K. Lamoureux. She was born and raised in North Dakota and graduated from the University of North Dakota. Randi lived, taught and tutored in Jupiter, FL for 8 years before returning to North Dakota to be with family. She is the mom of two beautiful angels in heaven and soon to be mom to a double rainbow baby due in February. Hockey brought Randi and her husband to Fargo over 2 years ago. Randi is a teacher and currently works for the North Dakota Center for Distance Education, as well as tutors students in the Fargo area. She is also studying to be a certified pre and postnatal coach. Through her own experiences of losing two babies, Randi has been called to be the light for other women. Her story of courage, bravery and perseverance shows us there is light beyond trauma. Randi loves adventuring and traveling with her husband to Florida and Canada. She likes to spend time in the Bahamas, spearfishing and playing in the ocean! To find out more about Randi, follow her on Instagram.


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