5 Reusable Products Moms & Kids Will Love

reusable products

Alright, moms. It’s a new decade and time to make a new goal:


I know, I know; there are products out there that make life so much easier. Fruit pouches (I mean, what kid doesn’t love these?), Ziploc baggies, disposable swim diapers, and so many more. But as a mom in 2020, one of my goals is to make less waste while also using quality products that will last.

These 5 reusable items are my favorites, and are kid-approved!

The Squeasy Snacker Reusable Food Pouch

Traditional food pouches are a one-time use item. Basic reusable food pouches are hard to clean and hard to fill. These flexible silicone food pouches are easy to fill, easy to hold, and fun to use. With no hard-to-reach corners, they are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe. They also have a no-spill insert and a reliable, leak-proof cap! Not only are they great for baby food, but also smoothies and soups! They come in a variety of different sizes, but I prefer the 6oz size the most.

Reusable Snack Bags

When it comes to snacks, Ziploc baggies can get wasteful pretty quick. These versatile, airtight and leakproof bags will encourage healthy snacking and keep you from making last-minute purchases at the convenience store. These can also be a good choice for sending lunch and/or snacks to school in. There are lots of options, but my favorite is the 6 pack by SPLF on Amazon.

Charlie Banana Reusable Easy Snaps Swim Diaper

Let’s face it, disposable swim diapers do not contain accidents and that can get… well… messy. Since most pools mandate the use of a swim diaper, this is clearly the better option. Charlie Banana’s award-winning swim diapers are waterproof, anti-bacterial, and soft. Adjustable hip snaps allow for the tailored fit and easy on/off access. If the thought of laundering a cloth diaper has stopped you before, think again. Simply skip the softeners and wash/dry as normal. These come in adorable prints and can be found at Target.

WeeSprout Bamboo Dinnerware

Bamboo dinnerware may seem too luxurious for your house, but these will get used over and over and over again for years and years! WeeSprout has a lifetime warranty on their dinnerware. They are chip resistance, scratch proof, and stain-resistant. WeeSprout’s eco-friendly, durable dinnerware is also stackable and dishwasher safe. Plates, bowls, and cup sets are at WeeSprout.com and Amazon.

Purifyou Premium Mesh Produce Bags

These multipurpose, lightweight mesh produce bags have a lifetime warranty and can hold up to 11 pounds! Cut out hard to open, pesky plastic bags at the grocery store that just get thrown into landfills. They are made in a facility free of toxic chemicals and come with a keychain reminder so you never leave the house without them. These are great for anything you can imagine beyond produce: spare clothes, camping gear, beach toys, laundry delicates, even swimsuits. Plus, you know they are mom-friendly because they are machine washable!

These practical, useful recommendations are sure to immediately benefit your family, your sanity, and your environment. Here’s to less waste in 2020!

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