4 Favorite Outdoor Games For Backyard Summer Fun

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outdoor games

If there’s one thing I know about summer in Fargo, it’s that when the sun is out it’s time to play! We’ve got a list of our 4 favorite outdoor games all ages will love.

These are perfect for your backyard, a picnic in a park, or a trip out to the lake! With endless options to choose from, the only question is — Which game would be the most fun for your family?

All these outdoor games, plus more, can be found at your local SCHEELS!

Outdoor Games for All Ages

For Teens: Spikeballoutdoor games

How to play:

Think of Spikeball like a volleyball game, only the focus is moving the ball down instead of up.

There are two teams. The starting team must serve the ball, the ball is then “volleyed” with a bump, set, spike before it must touch the net (a round circle near the ground), and then it’s the opposing team’s turn to control the ball.

If the team with ball in hand doesn’t meet the net in three touches, the opposing team gets a point. And the first team to 21 points is the winner!

Why it’s fun:

Spikeball is great for friends looking for friendly afternoon volley fun, or can be run tournament style with multiple sets. This makes it great for serious competitors and family reunions!

Spikeball also offers fun accessory options, including a buoy for pool play and glow in the dark ball for those who never want the summer fun to end.

This is an outdoor game probably best suited for families with kids ages 10 and up.

For Adults: Crossnet

How to play:

Another version of volleyball, but this time with a four square twist!

The basic net and ball are still used, but the net sections players off into four squares. Players rotate through the line when a ball is out of bounds, or lands in a square and not returned. Everyone collects and keeps points as they rotate through the squares.

outdoor games

Why it’s fun:

Crossnet is an excellent game option for adults looking to relive their four square glory days. And it comes with three different adjustable heights for men, women, and even kids — so all ages can play.

This outdoor game is also versatile, and can be played on many surfaces such as grass, sand, or in the water! Crossnet also comes with instructions for playing as a singles version or a doubles version.

For Kids: Ring Toss

How to play:

Though the concept of ring toss seems simple, ring toss builds skills as players attempt to land a ring on its desired hook. This game can be played different ways, but generally the rules establish a points scoring system and a certain distance that all players toss from. 

Why it’s fun:

Ring toss offers many variations in options available for purchase. It’s also a great option for families with kids of all ages looking for a relaxed way to enjoy time outside together! 

For Everyone: Bean Bag Toss

How to play:

While again a simple concept,“tossing a bean bag,” it’s not without its own merit. For bean bag toss (also known as cornhole) there are official rules such as board spacing, throwing style, and how to keep score.

But we love that this outdoor game allows for flexible and adaptable rules. And it can be played by all ages, with rules tweaked as players choose.

Why it’s fun:

While those who are competitive by nature will find a way to make anything into a contest, bean bag toss can be a great way to relax and enjoy the company of family, without having to get twisted up in too many game details. 

This one is a personal favorite, because even the littles of the family feel included in modified versions of play. If nothing else, they can serve the very important job of being the bean bag runner!

More Outdoor Game Options

The games listed above are just a small sampling of outdoor games available for purchase at SCHEELS. Other game options include traditional volleyball, kickball, bocce ball, croquet, badminton, Kubb, ladder golf, washer toss, horse shoes, disc golf, and more!

Overwhelmed by the options or not sure which outdoor game is going to be the best for your family? Make sure to consult a SCHEELS expert. They can help pick one that’s a good fit based on your family’s age and activity level, so you can maximize your time in the sun!

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