3 Simple Play Activities for Toddlers

activities for toddlers

We all know our toddlers’ attention span isn’t the greatest yet, and it can be tough to keep them engaged for a while. I found these three simple (but fun!) activities for toddlers can keep them busy long enough to get some dinner started!

3 Simple Activities for Toddlers

Bubble Tableactivities for toddlers

First, we prepared our splash table. A large plastic container would work, too. Or, a smaller container in the tub would be fun for a smaller inside version.
Next, we added some lukewarm water as a base and a generous helping of dish soap. We took the hose and sprayed it in the water to activate the bubbles.
Then, we added several toys, some little nets, and scoops so the kids could search for the toys beneath.
Bonus: this one is also easy to clean up!

Water Bowl + Toysactivities for toddlers

Pro tip: lay down a towel first. I didn’t my first time and regretted it.
Fill a small, shallow, water-proof container with water. Not too much if you want to lessen spillage, but enough for objects to float.
Add some sort of floaters. I used these mesh scrubbers because they are so light. But I have used regular sponges, too, and they worked. I just needed more water as they sank with saturation.
Provide some sort of age-safe plastic or rubber toy. We used frogs. Ask them to put the “lily pads” in the water. Then encourage them to place the toys on top of the floaters.
After my daughter added them all, we took them out and she did it all over again.
I am able to make dinner every time I bust this out.

Tissue Box Funactivities for toddlers

Find an old container with a smaller opening still large enough for a little hand to easily pass through. We used an empty facial tissue container (plastic wipes containers work well, too!).
Lay out some age-safe toys. I think soft ones work well, but I imagine lots of options would work. We used animal finger puppets.
Show your toddler to fill the box. Then show them to take them all out. Easy as that!
Bonus: If you do use animals, I encourage our kiddo to make the noises as she puts each one in and takes each out. Some like turtles and kangaroos are hard for sounds! So we just practice their names.
Share your fun toddler activities in the comments!
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