3 Shocking Benefits from Doing Yoga for 30 Days

I’m a mom at home with a busy toddler. At the end of most days, I am pretty wiped out, so the last thing on my mind is fitting in a workout. That being said, I know I feel better when I am active and take a little time for self-care.

So I have made exercising a priority, but it has been a challenge to find something that works for me.

Then, last year I stumbled on Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube. I did her 30-day yoga journey “Home” and was captivated by her personality and unique approach to an at-home yoga practice. Throughout the year, I continued to tune in and try many of her other videos, which I really loved, but I wasn’t all that consistent. However, I did do more yoga than I had ever done! And I was stoked to find something that works for me, and as an added bonus: it’s FREE!

Back in December, a friend of mine known as The Questions Guy asked me what’s one thing I would want to do every day in the new year. The first thing that came to mind was yoga! So this January I decided to attempt 365 days of yoga. I love the way Adrienne makes it fun and challenging. And her channel is my go-to spot with videos of all lengths to choose from that I know I will enjoy.

I am proud to say I completed the 30-day journey “Breath” last month and even though some of the workouts were only 17 minutes long, I have noticed some pretty amazing changes to my body and fitness level!

3 Shocking Benefits of Doing Yoga for 30 Days 

  1. I am noticeably stronger! I had no idea that less than 30 minutes a day of light-hearted yoga would actually make me stronger. My arms, core and legs are all MUCH stronger.
  2. My booty is more toned! Not one squat and yet my “mom butt” is looking a whole lot more together these days. I even bought a couple of new pairs of pants from my favorite thrift store, and they all look great!
  3. I am MUCH more relaxed! My body has less tension. My muscles are loose and I’m much more flexible. In general, my body feels GREAT and I am way more relaxed throughout the day. 

Last year I thought that one or two days of 40 – 60 minutes of yoga a week was the way to go. But this year I have a new approach to explore. My goal is to simply get on the mat every day! Even if I just do 10 minutes of simple stretches.

My goal for 2021 is more about consistency (something harder to come by these days). And since I truly enjoy Adrienne’s quirky personality and authentic approach to yoga, it has made working out more enjoyable. In fact, I don’t even feel like I’m working out! 

So let’s see how my 365 days of yoga challenge goes! Maybe I’ll share more later, who knows if any more shocking benefits of yoga will pop up along the way.

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Jennifer, aka Jack's mom, moved to Fargo in the summer of 2019 and spent the previous 10 years living abroad in China. She was an outdoor guide and educator for many years and more recently was the Executive Director of a small non-profit. Originally from a small rural Canadian town, she is passionate about the outdoors, education and the environment.


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