10 Must-Haves for Outdoor Fun at Home

outdoor fun at home

Who is ready for warmer weather?! I know I am! With three young kids, we spend A LOT of our time outdoors when we can. I mean, what North Dakotan/Minnesotan doesn’t when the weather is finally nice and we can have some outdoor fun? 

But with families staying home more than usual these days, a lot of our outdoor fun may be in our own backyards. We have three young kids (all preschool age), so we really don’t like to adventure out too much as it can be chaotic. We have a pretty big backyard, so we like to spend a lot of our time out there. 

Essentials for Outdoor Fun at Home

Soccer Nets

When we take the kids out, our number one goal (most of the time) is for them to wear themselves out. We got these soccer nets that comes with their own carrying case and also has stakes so you can secure them into the ground. My husband and I aren’t huge soccer fanatics, but we think they are perfect to set up in the backyard and have a little fun family game. 

Sidewalk Chalk

Another activity we love to do is sidewalk chalk. We will draw castles, sharks, an entire airport, or even play tic-tac-toe! The Crayola brand is some of my favorite because the colors are brighter and more vibrant than other brands. 

Fly a Kite

Being where we live, we usually have a lot of wind, so we take advantage of it and fly a kite. You can get kites in all different colors and shapes so your kiddo(s) and you can have lots of fun!

Outdoor Playhouse

My parents insisted that our kids have an outdoor playhouse for the summer months. I wasn’t too sure about it right away, but our kids LOVE to play in it. They play “house” and I can enjoy my coffee on those sunny spring/summer mornings. 


Another huge hit in our backyard is our sandbox. We have bought some cheap sand box toys from Target, but they have held up quite well! The only thing we do is put a stepping stone on top of the lid when it’s not in use so it doesn’t blow away. 

Picnic Blanket

When it is nice out, our kids love to have picnics in our backyard! We usually try to keep it simple with the food, but the kids enjoy it. To make the most of it, be sure to find a good picnic blanket.

Bike Trailer

We love to go for walks and/or bike rides around our neighborhood. Our oldest is big enough to bike with us, but our youngest two would never be able to keep up if we all rode our bikes. We purchased a bike trailer that easily fits our two youngest with a 5-point harness and little pouches on each side. It also converts from to a stroller, so it is super convenient and stores easily. 

Inflatable Pool & Sprinkler

When it gets warmer out, we also set up our inflatable pool (which we got at Menards for less than $30) or we use an inflatable rainbow sprinkler. The sprinkler is fun, but if you don’t have some kind of shelter for the wind, it tends to blow over easily.

Other Ideas

Other ideas can be baseball tee and bases or a trampoline or swing set. Other options to play instead of needing to buy something are playing tag, or our personal favorite “chase dad around the yard.”

Another game changer I’ve found for the FRONT yard/driveway is a driveway safety net. It is amazing! No more worrying about a ball rolling into the street or your kid racing too fast down the driveway. Every time we are out in our driveway, I can easily put it up by myself in no time!  

There is a lot of different ways to have a fun afternoon in your own backyard. Soak up the sun and make some memories! 

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Danielle grew up in a small, rural North Dakota town before attending university in Fargo. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences and has an associate's degree in Sign Language Interpreting. She and her husband, Andrew, have been married for six years and have three beautiful kids together. Danielle decided before she had her second child to be a stay-at-home mom. While life gets insane at times, she's happy to have other stay-at-home mom friends she can share the ups and downs of parenting with. She loves to find a good deal, bake, and spend time with her family.


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